Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday's Christian Kindle Books: Early Reads

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by Ann Lee Miller 

Stuck in sleepy New Smyrna Beach one last summer, Raine socks away her camp pay checks, worries about her druggy brother, and ignores trouble: Cal Koomer. She’s a plane ticket away from teaching orphans in Africa, and not even Cal’s surfer six-pack and the chinks she spies in his rebel armor will derail her.

The artist in Cal begs to paint Raine’s ivory skin, high cheek bones, and internal sparklers behind her eyes, but falling for her would caterwaul him into his parents’ life.....

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New Smyrna Beach Series

by Louise M. Gouge 

Winner, 2005 Inspirational Reader's Choice Award

Captain Ahab is dead, the victim of his own pride. Hannah, his widow, and their son flee Nantucket to escape the infamy of his maniacal behavior that caused so the deaths of his entire crew. Visiting old friends in Boston, Hannah meets kind and warm Captain Lazarus and the dashing Captain Longwood. But before she can consider remarrying, Hannah has another encounter that shakes the very foundation of all she believes, slavery....

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Legacy of Ahab Series

by William G. Boykin, Tom Morrisey 

Barely into his twenties and already a highly decorated military hero, Army. Special Forces veteran Blake Kershaw is now going to college, studying while recuperating from wounds received in Afghanistan, and planning to re-enter the Army as an officer after graduation. But life tosses Blake a curve when his country approaches him about using his special skills to avert a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear device in a major eastern U.S. city.

To do that, he would need to become an operative deep within Al-Qaeda’s innermost circles - changing his entire identity, even his face...

by Sarah Price, Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell

In Book One of the series, meet four Amish sisters who run Whoopie Pie Place, the best known bakery outside of Berlin, located in Holmes County, Ohio. Each sister has a secret that influences their lives and, unknowingly, impacts each other. Yet, little by little, the pressure of balancing their responsibilities of their daily lives with their individual secrets becomes harder to manage. Leah, Susan, Lydia, and Sadie need to decide whether or not to confide in each other in order to gain the support of their family......

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by Lavita Wilkinson 

Running from her past, Kelli is forced to assume a new name, acquire new skills, and build friendships to survive. She has convinced herself that keeping her daughter safe is her primary motivation for assuming another identity but, when a stranger from her past intrudes upon her new life, threatening the new world she has created for Jessie and herself, she realizes that her reasons for running are far more deeply rooted. 

This heart-warming novel follows the journey of one woman, struggling to be free to live her life fully and growing weary of constantly looking over her shoulder....

by Bishop Robert Morneau 

Prayerfully journey through Lent with Bishop Robert Morneau's deeply meaningful, day-by-day reflections on the Mass readings. In just minutes per day, the insightful meditations of Not by Bread Alone can deepen your experience of this solemn season of prayer and penance and prepare you to participate more fully in the joy of the great Easter mystery.

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